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The way we create immersive content with live talent for remote events and TV & film production is quickly changing.  New technology is giving our industry the ability to create amazing virtual productions that are revolutionizing what is possible.

The Evolve xR solutions make getting into the world of virtual production much less challenging and risky for you and your client.

What exactly is xR?

The xR Studio combines high-performance LED display technology, camera & object tracking, and advanced media players working in a 3D environment to combine live talent and real-time generated content with the correct perspective from the view of the camera.  The end result transforms your production potential to only be limited by your creative vision.    

No more waiting for the “golden hour” when you can create any environment it in your studio that will interact with your talent.

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The Challenges 

Knowledge and experience are required to execute xR effectively. You have to worry about everything from LED displays, advanced media players, camera & object tracking, video processing, system calibration, color balancing, and more. All of this paired with sub-par equipment and a lack of an xR industry-standard can put your project and reputation on the line.

Our Solution 

Our solutionists are constantly evaluating cutting-edge technology regarding virtual production and xR studios.  Our solutions provide you with a vetted selection of components that are racked, pre-programmed, and ready for you to install.  Your one-stop xR shop that provides all the commissioning and training needed to get you up and going and handed off to your client.  


Creating content for these cutting-edge technology solutions is a key part of the process.  Evolve works with different creative partners that we would be happy to pair our customers with to ensure everything from content creation, system workflow and technology requirements are understood from the start of the project and are not an afterthought to the solution.  

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