VELOCITY Engineering Rack

Switchers, Camera Systems & Lenses, Image Processing, Velocity

The Engineering rack can support up to four cameras with monitoring, RCP controls, and communication interfacing. An incorporated Ross router makes switching sources to the Tektronix 3G-SDI scope easy and for routing monitor feeds.

Camera Engineering

  • Tektronix Scope
    • Full Control Camera RCP’s
    • Ross 16x HDSDI Router
    • HD Routable Monitors


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VELOCITY Engineering Rack 1

Contains support monitoring and interfacing for four cameras, CCU’s and remote control panels.

Velocity is completely customizable and modular which means you can use the entire system, or remove the racks you don’t need. This helps you maintain flexibility, allows you to work faster, and keeps your costs down. Evolve is committed to constant refinement and, naturally, the needs of our customers, so the mission isn’t accomplished until you say it is.


VELOCITY Engineering Rack 2         VELOCITY Engineering Rack 3