Mo-Sys StarTracker

Immersive, Camera Systems & Lenses, Media Servers

Mo-Sys StarTracker is a cost effective, user-friendly camera tracking solution for Virtual Production and xR stages


StarTracker offers direct integration with media servers and the powerful Unreal Engine, and allows virtually any camera and lens combination to be tracked in real-time


StarTracker can be used with Jibs, cranes, dollys, even handheld camera configurations, allowing true creative freedom in your next Immersive production

Freedom of movement

StarTracker offers unlimited freedom of movement and gives accurate position, rotation and lens data in real-time – this makes it ideal for Steadicam and handheld. You can rotate the studio camera 360 degrees, and move it to any position in the studio, even right to the edge, as long as enough “stars” are in sight of the tracking camera. Other systems are often restricted in their tracking volume. StarTracker can track in 3m to 20m high studios. Since the tracking sensor points up rather than looking into the scene, the tracking is unaffected by studio conditions, such as moving objects, set changes, lighting configurations, reflections and plain green screen environment

No lighting restriction

As the “stars” can be applied randomly, in no certain pattern, above the lighting grid, they do not restrict the studio lights in any way. Despite being optical, StarTracker is unaffected by studio lighting, giving you complete freedom to install and adjust lights as needed. This is unique to StarTracker.

Ease of use

The initial set-up and calibration is quick and simple. Once you have applied the “stars” to the ceiling, a major part of the installation is done. A brief mapping and calibration process only need to be performed once for each studio. Multiple cameras in the studio can track off the star map. Once calibrated, the system is fully automatic and starts tracking after being powered on. No extra technician is required for day-to-day operation