Large Workbox


The everything you need in 1 box video workbox.

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The “Save The Show” box for all video projects. Includes Audio monitor speaker, Direct box, 1×6 Splitter, various audio adaptors/patch cables, 2x DVI DA, 2x HD/SDI DA, 1x VGA DA, 1x DVI Detective, 1x EDID Manager, 1x SDI-HDMI Conv., 1x HDMI-SDI Conv., USB Hub, FIrewire 800 Hub, Wireless Network Router, 2x 5 Port network router, Cat5 Cable, 4x Tripplite 12 output power box, Triple Taps/Ground Lifts/UPC cords, 4x Tensor Lights, Complete Tool kit, Full adaptor kit, all MAC diplay adaptors, Full selection of patch SDI/DVI/DisplayPort/HDMI cables, 1 roll of each variety of carpet/gaff/board/safety tape.