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BlackTrax – Real-Time Tracking System

Immersive, Media Servers

Creatively empower productions and immerse yourself in unprecedented possibilities with BlackTrax, a cutting-edge tracking system.

BlackTrax tracks and delivers information at a speed of 100 frames per second. This sets the stage for seamless, captivating productions where everything can be synced to deliver a next-level, new generation of production.

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BlackTrax Brochure


BlackTrax’s setup is as easy as hanging the Sensor Lens around the space you want to track, then its calibration process can be performed between five to ten minutes.


Calibration takes minutes, wave the wand in the tracking area and through calculations, sensors will be updated with their real-world positions, with pinpoint accuracy.


You can also perform projector and fixtures calibration, faster than their original applications.



Use the BlackTrax user interface to connect beacons and objects you want to track. Use the real-time positional data to feed other systems such as robotic cameras, media servers, and lighting, to allow your creativity to go wild. New media artists are leading a revolution in areas related to moving projection mapping and lighting with BlackTrax.